Monday, November 14, 2011

Pre-Wedding Drama

The closer we are to having a wedding, the more and more I've decided I like the idea of eloping. Over the past few months we've had major family drama and it's left me feeling drained and listless. I am completely loving the idea of just eloping and having a reception afterwards. I've even begun pricing "elopement" packages online.

So the major drama started when we began choosing who would be in the wedding party. I have a small family and Beast has a huge family. Beast decided he wanted to ask my sister's husband to be his best man since they're buddies. His mom blew a gasket at this news. She had a fit since she felt it was inappropriate and Beast should have chosen his blood brother instead. Yet, Beast and his brother barely even talk to each other. *Rolling eyes*. After that, the date caused pure hell with Beast's mother. We had decided on August 4th and told everyone about it. Since his brother is a teacher, he starts teaching school the weekend of our wedding. So we CAN'T have it that weekend since it won't be fair if his brother can't make it. Why do we have to change our date to accommodate someone who is not willing to accommodate our once in a lifetime event? Then the next argument started with his mother and her "fairness" bullshit. I mentioned off hand that we wouldn't be having the wedding in May either, since my sister is having major surgery. That caused hell too, since we're "willing to change our wedding for my sister but not for Beast's brother". Whoa. We NEVER even planned a wedding for May! His cousin is getting married Memorial weekend and we don't want to take away her limelight. But my comment almost started World War III since it "made it seem like I was making my family take precedence". Blah freakin' blah!

Oh, but it doesn't stop there! So our next plan was to have a tiny little wedding at our local Botanical Gardens. We would only invite close family. The problem was that the place only allows 12-15 people to sit in on an elopement ceremony. Beast has 3 siblings, all married, 2 parents, 2 grandparents, and 7 nieces and nephews. I have my mom, my sister, brother-in-law and nephew. My grandmother is 93 and home bound and would be unable to attend. All I asked for was 4 seats at the ceremony. Being that we're limited in the number of attendees we can have, we decided that we would not have the small children in attendance. So his mom blew a gasket again since I was allowing my nephew (who is 16 compared to Beast's oldest niece who is 6), to attend in place of my grandmother. *Sigh* I'm paying for the stupid wedding but nothing I do is acceptable. It's driving me freakin' nuts!!! I'm ready to just take off to the court and get hitched. Oh, but that in itself is another story, too...

Ok, these thoughts are driving me psychotic. Any advice? Ever had your own experiences and how did you deal with them? Post below!

Off for now! -Miss A

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