Thursday, July 28, 2011

Welcome to my Crazy World

373 days until my big day! Wow, how time is flying! My fiancee and I became engaged in May 2010. Being that both of us are procrastinators, we did not begin saving money for the wedding like most responsible couples would. Ha! Who needs 2 years to plan a wedding anyway, right? Right?! Well, we're down to one year and we are now officially in panic mode. Our original plan of running offto Vegas and eloping blew up in our faces when we really started thinking about how this is a once-in-a lifetime event. It's something we'd really like to share with friends and family. I mean, you only have one first wedding!

Let me explain our situation a bit more. We do not live together, and we will not be moving in together until about a month before the wedding. I am employed full time and my fiance is on disability (he is 28 and has COPD, so he's on oxygen 24/7). My dad passed away from cancer 3 years ago and I live with my mom. I help pay her bills, since she is disabled as well. "Beast", my fiancee, lives with his parents. His dad is retired and his mom is a full time nurse. Our families will not be contributing to our wedding in any way, shape, or form. In my mom's case, she is not able to financially. In Beast's case, his parent's refuse to help since they did not help pay for any of their other 3 children's wedding. So we're on our own on a very fixed income, and we refuse to take out a loan to pay for our wedding. There's no reason to start our marriage off in debt for a simple ceremony.

We do have a savings goal set up. Yay for us! As of September, my car will officially be paid off! That will save me an extra $300 a month. I figure that I can put that extra $300 in savings and have $3,300 saved by July 2010. On top of that, Beast can contribute another $100 per month towards our wedding fund. That will bring the total to $4,400. I also have a goal of taking an extra $200 from the second paycheck each month to add to that fund. That's another $2,200. If we can pinch pennies and scrape all this money together, we can have a wedding fund of $6,600. The other thing to take into consideration is that we also need to buy items for our soon-to-be house (we will rent for a while). Being that we both live with our families, we will need to buy everything to furnish a new residence. Whew! This will be a big task in a short amount of time! Stay tuned as we continue on this adventure!

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